Health and Hygiene Education The villagers were frequently sick -- and some children died -- from preventable disease. ﷯Attempts at health and hygiene education by the local health personnel fell short due to language barriers. Local health personnel sent in from the city only spoke Spanish and did not understand the specific needs of the indigenous cultures. Many villagers speak only Matisegenka, and are not fluent in Spanish, the national language of Peru. Rainforest Flow brings multi-lingual health educators to each village to improve basic health, hygiene and sanitary practices of the people. Our medical anthropologists speak fluent Matsigenka and Spanish. Our health educators learn key phrases in Matsigenka and have a bilingual community member translate all programming. Our health educators work side by side with the teachers and health personnel and conduct weekly classes for children at the village primary schoolhouse. Classes include natural science, indigenous ceremony, and art expression to make the lessons culturally relevant. Health educators instruct young mothers about personal daily hygiene, nutrition, pre-and-post natal care, the use of medicinal plants, and preventative health habits, in separate monthly classes. Health educators, working alongside health personnel, make house-to-house visits to assess the individual health needs of each family, the level of cleanliness in the home, and the maintenance of each home’s newly installed utility sink. They also train interested mothers to be health promoters within the village. These mothers have an opportunity to become health leaders of the village, and earn wages by educating surrounding villages on health and hygiene practices.

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