Rainforest Flow empowers indigenous people by promoting health, education and community organization so they can flourish within their traditional homelands and way of life. We work to promote an exchange of knowledge among indigenous villages that enables individuals, communities, and inter-community organizations to defend their lands and traditions from outside economic interests, encroachment and cultural erosion.

Mission: We are Rainforest Flow: Vision:

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Rainforest Flow will serve as a global model to promote the preservation of tropical forest ecosystems and the health and cultural integrity of indigenous peoples in the Amazon and throughout the world. Its programs will pilot replicable models to address life-threatening water and sanitation problems that face three billion people of our world.


Rainforest Flow’s goal is to promote the preservation of tropical forest ecosystems and cultures by empowering indigenous communities to be stewards of their own futures. In each community, we partner with local government, health and education ministries and area non-governmental organizations to make sure the projects are sustainable after Rainforest Flow’s work is done.

To bring safe drinking water and sanitation systems that function in harmony with each culture’s mores and traditions. To educate children and families about health and hygiene practices to prevent chronic diseases which threaten their health and environment. To make each project self-sustaining by training community leaders to become skilled in water and sanitation technology and share this knowledge with other communities. To establish a global teaching and learning center that promotes research, innovative technology, and the exchange of ideas and practices in the field of water and sanitation. Objectives:

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