The Peruvian government’s social service agencies and various NGO’s have repeatedly made unsuccessful attempts to deliver safe drinking water to native communities throughout the southeastern Peruvian Amazon.  Because the people live in concentrated settlements, their rustic sanitation conditions contaminate the very streams and rivers where they gather their water. In dry season the streams dry up and the women must gather their water from distant locations.


Rainforest Flow uses a low-tech slow sand filtration method to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria found in the local water supply. We build a communal gravity flow water system

with distribution lines that reach the entire village, delivering clean running water to each home, village schoolhouse, and medical post. The systems are designed to accommodate an annual population growth of 5% over 15 years. Villagers contribute an agreed-upon monthly usage fee to maintain the system, and to promote long term ownership and sustainability.




Safe Drinking Water


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