Over the last decade, NGO’s built latrines in selected native communities, but they were poorly constructed, damp and not properly ventilated. The waste was often directed into the streams where the people gather their water. The villagers were not taught how to maintain the rustic structures.  In short order they fell into disrepair and were abandoned.  The villagers resumed using the forest as their latrine.  With a growing population, the rivers and streams were a source of illness rather than a life-giving force.


Rainforest Flow builds eco-friendly bathrooms at central village locations like the schoolhouse. We maintain a sense of harmony with the environment by building private, hygienic, well ventilated structures with separate sides for boys and girls, from materials found in the surrounding forests and river. Waste materials decompose naturally over time. A utility sink is placed nearby to encourage practices of hand washing and basic daily hygiene. Villagers contribute an agreed-upon monthly usage fee to maintain the facility.


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