Training Community Leaders

The villagers expressed their frustration with previous attempts made by the Peruvian government’s social service agencies and area NGOs to bring clean water and sanitation to their villages. The villagers did not have a stake in the projects, and were not taught to maintain the structures over time. They eventually reverted to more primitive systems of sanitation, incidences of water-related illness rose, and the people developed mistrust in the social system.


Rainforest Flow enters each community on the invitation of the villagers. Our project supervisor and foreman train a locally-elected water and sanitation committee from each village to participate in the construction and ongoing maintenance of the projects.


Our health educator also trains medical personnel, water and sanitation committees, and children and mothers, to conduct on-site bacteria testing using a HACH microbiology portable lab. This training teaches individuals about the harmful effects of unseen bacteria that can live in local water sources. It is one of the most effective ways to ensure water quality over the long term.


Several committee members have taken on leadership roles, and earn wages by bringing knowledge gained in their community to other villages. They replicate low-tech water and sanitation systems and teach preventative health practices.



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