Rainforest Flow began working with the indigenous Matsigenka people of Tayakome in 2009. Located in the restricted zone of Manu National Park, access to this village is limited to scientists, medical personnel, and a handful of NGOs.

The people of Tayakome hunt, fish, and gather wild foods from the forests and rivers. They grow manioc, sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, and dozens of other fruits and vegetables in their gardens. The women weave traditional clothing from hand-spun cotton grown in their gardens.

The people of Tayakome and their neighbors in the village of Yomybato own and operate Casa Matsigenka, an ecotourism lodge, located in the tourism zone of Manu National Park, which provides income that is shared communally.

Our health and anthropology team continues to monitor the impact of our work in  Tayakome. Programs are continuously adapted to meet the needs of this village in a culturally appropriate way.

Rainforest Flow maintains a  partnership with the regional health ministry and the local health post to respond to the village’s health needs.

Clean Water Programs

Water + Sanitation Committees

Sinks + Greywater Drains


Health + Hygiene Education

Health Studies

More than 750 school children have learned safe hygiene habits as a result of our work in this community.