Rainforest Flow's WASH Learning + Research Center trains indigenous water and sanitation committee members to be leaders of their communities.


Rainforest Flow develops integrated  WASH (water-sanitation-health) programs in collaboration with rainforest communities.  Our work is centered in Manu Biosphere Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Rooted in more than 20 years of scientific and anthropological research, and hands-on field experience, our multicultural team works closely with indigenous families to bring sustainable clean water, sanitation, and health programs to remote communities.

Our work in the Amazon Rainforest contributes to fulfilling goals set by the United Nations to ensure availability and management of sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene for all. In recent years, we have witnessed up close how climate change has impacted water security in indigenous communities. Established water catchment systems have lost capacity during the intensifying dry seasons, while extreme rainfall events in the wet season have damaged water infrastructure. We are constantly working to address these challenges in the field while building capacity and resilience among Indigenous water committee members.

Working in these remote regions involves strenuous travel on mountain roads, raging rivers, narrow streams clogged with fallen trees, slippery cliffs, and muddy footpaths. Poisonous snakes, predators like jaguars and pumas, tropical diseases, and legions of biting insects are some of the dangers and challenges that our team encounters during their workday.

We make drinking water Safe

Rainforest Flow’s technology removes up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and cysts from the local water supply. Our program improves health and saves lives.  

We Boost Well Being

Rainforest Flow’s integrated multicultural approach to health and hygiene reduces intestinal illnesses and transforms personal and household hygiene.

We build Eco-Friendly bathrooms

Rainforest Flow builds dignified sanitation systems at the home and schools that are sustainable and environmentally friendly using local materials.  

We create wash leaders

Rainforest Flow’s WASH Learning + Research Center trains indigenous water and sanitation committee members to be leaders and problem solvers in their communities.