Rainforest Flow has developed a network of experts and local and international partners who collaborate to teach hands-on workshops for indigenous leaders, government representatives, scientists, and students.

The next step in our vision is to build the Rainforest Flow WASH Global Training and Research Center in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and develop a comprehensive WASH curriculum.

The Center will be a clearinghouse for collaboration, technical solutions, capacity building, and research, allowing us to share and scale up our successful, field-tested programs globally. Online learning will also be offered.

The WASH curriculum will be integrated with forward-looking research and programs addressing sustainable forestry management, indigenous health and healing, renewable energy technologies, and relevant topics.

A meeting place for indigenous leaders, scientists, and policymakers and a hub of multicultural knowledge exchange, the Rainforest Flow WASH Global Training and Research Center will benefit rainforest people from around the world.

We will train the next generation of indigenous leaders, engineers, and health and environmental professionals to replicate and adapt these technologies to their communities.  

Until our permanent Center is built, the Rainforest Flow team will continue to train and inspire through community visits and hands-on workshops at our learning annex in the Huacaria community.  

Once the Center is built, Rainforest Flow will offer on-site consulting services on WASH-related issues for government and health agencies, NGOs, engineers, technical training schools, and ecotourism enterprises.


The Rainforest Flow WASH Global Training and Research Center is a crucial next step to promote indigenous health, cultural integrity and to preserve the tropical rainforests are vital to the health of our global society.

Rainforest Flow is currently raising funds to build a physical location for our Center in Manu Biosphere Reserve.

To learn more about our plans for the Rainforest Flow WASH Global Training and Research Center, contact, Nancy Santullo, Executive Director at: info@rainforestflow.org