In the developed world, fatal diseases caused by poor hygiene have been eradicated. In rainforest villages, these preventable diseases are a leading cause of death, especially in children under the age of five. 

Rainforest Flow health educators and anthropologists take a comprehensive approach to saving lives. Our programs are adapted to local culture, language, and environmental conditions. 

We Strengthen Families.

We visit every home in our project villages to meet with family members. We teach basic hygiene, strengthen family health and demonstrate maintenance practices to keep their sinks clean and the water flowing.

We Start Young.

Working alongside teachers at the village schoolhouse, we use art, science storytelling, and other creative ways to teach children about handwashing, toilet use, sanitation, and age-appropriate health information.

We Empower Women.

We reinforce the importance of personal hygiene and pre- and post-natal care to women in the villages. This empowers women and children to achieve healthier future generations.

By delivering clean water to households, we also ensure that women don’t have to walk long distances to haul unsafe water home to drink, cook and bathe with.

We Create Health Agents.

As villagers incorporate improved hygiene practices, we train some to become health agents. Rainforest Flow pays village health agents to spread the word in their villages and surrounding communities while strengthening the local economy.   

We Test.

Our health team teaches W+S Committee members to test for harmful bacteria in local water sources using a portable microbiology lab generously donated by Hach USA. This essential testing and teaching tool allows villagers to understand sources of contamination and monitor the safety of their water. 

Rainforest Flow has boosted the health of three generations
of indigenous people in Peru’s Amazon rainforest.