Population growth, rustic living conditions, and fecal contamination make water sources in rainforest villages unsafe to drink. Harmful bacteria and parasites cause malnutrition, chronic gastrointestinal illnesses, skin infections, and high infant mortality rates.

Rainforest Flow changes that.

We engage the entire community to build eco-friendly gravity flow water systems, that use slow sand filtration to deliver clean, safe drinking water to homes and schoolhouses in the village.

A community-elected Water + Sanitation Committee builds, repairs, and maintains the system over the long term. Every family in the village takes part in the construction and maintains their own tap stands and sinks.

Community engagement doesn’t stop there. All families contribute a small monthly usage fee to maintain the water and sanitation systems and compensate their W+S committee members. These practices instill a sense of community ownership, pride, and independence.

Rainforest Flow has achieved success in delivering WASH programs to this remote part of the world where others have failed.

Our systems are to accommodate population growth, community expansion, or migration.

Our eco-friendly slow sand filters naturally purify contaminated water, making it safe to drink without the need for boiling or chemicals.